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Which is better in China, a local or a native English-speaking teacher?

  • Jong Jin (a1)


An inquiry into undergraduates' preferences, with repercussions regarding the nature and use of a distinctive ‘China English’. For many years, the standard varieties of British and American English have been accepted and promoted as the only internationally acceptable forms of Standard English, a view that has however, in recent years, been challenged in studies associated with ‘World Englishes’ and ‘English as an International Language’ (EIL). Within such frameworks, some linguists in China have proposed that ‘China English’ as an actual or potential standard variety should stand alongside the standard varieties of British, American, and other Englishes. If so, it follows that Chinese teachers would be better able to teach this variety than imported native English speakers. In order to investigate Chinese students' views on such matters, a research project was undertaken with subjects from eight universities in the People's Republic of China. The data gathered from questionnaires, group discussion and interviews indicate that Chinese students are positive towards both EIL and China English and that this in turn influences their preference for a Chinese rather than a native-speaker teacher of English.


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Which is better in China, a local or a native English-speaking teacher?

  • Jong Jin (a1)


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