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Real and Perceived Effects of Ageing on Cognition

  • Colleen Doyle (a1), Mary Luszcz (a2) and Peter Rendell (a3)


A symposium on ageing research was held at the 7th Australian Developmental Conference in July 1992. The theme of the symposium was the effect of ageing on cognition. Empirical and theoretical papers presented evidence for cognitive decline in late adulthood. However, discussion of the modifiability of cognition tempered the pessimistic view of cognitive ability in old age. Interdisciplinary studies such as the Berlin Aging Study provide hope for the discovery of factors affecting successful ageing by examining the interaction between health, personality, social factors, and cognition.


Corresponding author

Senior Research Fellow, National Centre for Health Program Evaluation, Department of Community Medicine, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3052


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Real and Perceived Effects of Ageing on Cognition

  • Colleen Doyle (a1), Mary Luszcz (a2) and Peter Rendell (a3)


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