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Auditory processing: Linking listening and learning

  • S. Anne Pringle (a1)


Auditory processing is an essential communicative function. However, some children do not develop language and learning as effectively as expected. Educators have been aware of this deficiency in listening and related communicative skills but are not able to identify the underlying specific deficit or set of deficits. A specialist audiology assessment can help to identify specific auditory processing deficits. Appropriate educational objectives can flow from such a diagnosis.


Corresponding author

Department Learning and Educational Development, Faculty of Education, The University of Melbourne, 234 Queensberry Street, Carlton. Victoria. 3053, Phone: 61 3 9347 0055, Fax: 61 3 9347 0399, E-mail:


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Auditory processing: Linking listening and learning

  • S. Anne Pringle (a1)


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