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  • P. W. Moonlight (a1), R. Hollands (a1), A. Cano (a2) and D. A. Purvis (a1)


A striking new species of Begonia, B. joshii, is described from Amazonas Region, Peru. The new species is unusual among the South American members of the genus both in its combination of tuberous habit with peltate leaves and in living in a seasonally dry tropical forest environment. A phylogeny of this and closely related species is presented, and its sectional affiliation and IUCN conservation status are discussed. A key to the peltate Peruvian species of Begonia is provided.



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  • P. W. Moonlight (a1), R. Hollands (a1), A. Cano (a2) and D. A. Purvis (a1)


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