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  • R. J. Searle (a1)


Scaphochlamys Baker (Zingiberaceae – Zingibereae) is found in southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo. In this treatment 31 species and six varieties are recognised. A new combination is made for Scaphochlamys anomala (Hallier f.) R.J.Searle; Scaphochlamys mat-kilau C.K.Lim, Scaphochlamys biloba (Ridl.) Holttum var. lanceolata (Ridl.) Holttum and Scaphochlamys longifolia Holttum are placed in synonymy. Included in this compendium is an analysis of the morphology of the genus, a brief historical review, a key to the species and a generic outline, as well as full generic and specific descriptions, maps, illustrations, and a full list of all names and types.



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  • R. J. Searle (a1)


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