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Further Analysis of Global Synchronisation for Networks of Identical Cells with Delayed Coupling

  • Chun-Hsien Li (a1) and Ren-Chuen Chen (a1)


Synchronisation is one of the most interesting collective motions observed in large-scale complex networks of interacting dynamical systems. We consider global synchronisation for networks of nonlinearly coupled identical cells with time delays, using an approach where the synchronisation problem is converted to solving an homogeneous linear system. This approach is extended to fit networks under more general coupling topologies, and we derive four delay-dependent and delay-independent criteria that ensure the coupled dynamical network is globally synchronised. Some examples show that the four criteria are not mutually inclusive, and numerical simulations also demonstrate our theoretical results.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (C.-H. Li), (R.-C. Chen)


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