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An Efficient Numerical Method for Mean Curvature-Based Image Registration Model

  • Jin Zhang (a1), Ke Chen (a2), Fang Chen (a3) and Bo Yu (a1)


Mean curvature-based image registration model firstly proposed by Chumchob-Chen-Brito (2011) offered a better regularizer technique for both smooth and nonsmooth deformation fields. However, it is extremely challenging to solve efficiently this model and the existing methods are slow or become efficient only with strong assumptions on the smoothing parameter β. In this paper, we take a different solution approach. Firstly, we discretize the joint energy functional, following an idea of relaxed fixed point is implemented and combine with Gauss-Newton scheme with Armijo's Linear Search for solving the discretized mean curvature model and further to combine with a multilevel method to achieve fast convergence. Numerical experiments not only confirm that our proposed method is efficient and stable, but also it can give more satisfying registration results according to image quality.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (J. Zhang), (K. Chen), (F. Chen), (B. Yu)


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