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A peculiar leg structure in the first non-biting midge described from Cambay amber, India (Diptera: Chironomidae)

  • Marta Zakrzewska (a1), Frauke Stebner (a2), Mateusz Puchalski (a1), Hukam Singh (a3) and Wojciech Giłka (a1)...


We present the first specific record of a chironomid of the tribe Tanytarsini from early Eocene Cambay amber, India (52–53 Ma). The oldest known extinct tanytarsine genus, Gujaratomyia Giłka & Zakrzewska, gen. nov., is described on the basis of adult males of G. miripes Giłka & Zakrzewska, sp. nov. The species displays an unusual leg structure with unique leg ratios and tibial armature. The combination of the head and genital apparatus characters supports the hypothesis that Gujaratomyia and Cladotanytarsus are members of a common group within the subtribe Tanytarsina.


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A peculiar leg structure in the first non-biting midge described from Cambay amber, India (Diptera: Chironomidae)

  • Marta Zakrzewska (a1), Frauke Stebner (a2), Mateusz Puchalski (a1), Hukam Singh (a3) and Wojciech Giłka (a1)...


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