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IX. Chemical Examination of the Oxides of Manganese

  • Edward Turner (a1)


It was originally my intention, in entering on this inquiry, merely to ascertain the composition of the ores, the mineralogical characters of which have been so ably delineated by Mr Haidinger in the preceding paper. I had advanced however but a short way in the investigation, when my progress was arrested by doubts both as to the manner of conducting the analyses, and as to the mode of calculating their results. In this uncertainty I found it necessary to extend my original plan, with the view of supplying by my own researches what appeared to be not sufficiently established by the labours of other chemists. I have accordingly divided the essay into two parts; attempting in the first division to ascertain the atomic weight of manganese, and the composition of the artificial oxides of that metal; and in the second, applying the facts thus established to illustrate the chemical constitution of the native oxides described by Mr Haidinger.



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page 158 note * Annales de Chimie et de Physique, vol. xx.

page 162 note * Philosophical Magazine and Annals, vol. i. p. 313.

page 165 note * I regret that I have been unable to obtain a sight of that volume of the Zeitschrift der Mineralogie, which contains M. Gmelin's paper on the composition of the oxides of manganese. My knowledge of his labours is solely derived from M. Leonhard's Handbuch der Oryktognosie.

page 169 note * Leonhard's Handbuch der Oryktognosie.

IX. Chemical Examination of the Oxides of Manganese

  • Edward Turner (a1)


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