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A global synthesis of the latest Ordovician Hirnantian brachiopod faunas

  • Rong Jia-yu (a1) and David A. T. Harper (a2)


A global review of new and existing data on the distribution of uppermost Ordovician (Hirnantian) brachiopods indicates the existence of at least three biogeographically distinct faunas. The typical Hirnantia fauna characterised subtropical and temperate latitudes and comprised a variety of ecological associations; the fauna reached its acme during the bohemicus and uniformis zones. Atypical Hirnantia faunas, developed marginal to Gondwana, are of low diversity and have few species in common with the typical Hirnantia fauna; their spatial distribution probably marked the margin of the polar ice sheets. The extinction of the Hirnantia fauna occurred in response to changes in sea level. Diverse and quite different faunas, including those from the Midcontinent of North America, Kolyma, the Oslo Region and probably Anticosti Island, occupied equatorial latitudes during the latest Ordovician. The Holorhynchus fauna, on evidence to date, predates the Hirnantia fauna.



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A global synthesis of the latest Ordovician Hirnantian brachiopod faunas

  • Rong Jia-yu (a1) and David A. T. Harper (a2)


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