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Geochemistry and Rb-Sr geochronology of Mesozoic granites from Hong Kong

  • R. J. Sewell (a1), D. P. F. Darbyshire (a2), R. L. Langford (a3) and P. J. Strange (a4)


The granites of Hong Kong comprise a variety of assemblages dominated by chemically evolved compositions. They are divided into two suites based on petrographic, geochemical, and age criteria. The oldest and most primitive intrusive units are deformed biotite-hornblende granodiorites and monzogranites of the Lamma Suite. These rocks are characterised by high CaO (1·4-2·7%), and low Nb and Y contents. The Lion Rock Suite (LRS) is dominated by relatively undeformed monzogranite with subordinate quartz syenite and comprises three subgroups. Granites of subgroup I are separated into coarse- and fine- to medium-grained lithologies. The fine- to medium-grained granites are predominantly fluorite-bearing with silica contents ranging from 75·5-78%. They are characterised by high total REE, Ga, F, Rb, Nb, and Y contents and yield a Rb-Sr whole-rock isochron age of 155 ± 6 Ma with an initial 87Sr/86Sr ratio of 0·7101 ± 0·0060 (MSWD = 4·6). Granites of subgroup II comprise a diverse range of compositions (SiO2 = 63–77%) and are characterised by highly variable trace element abundances. Coarse-grained granites yield an age of 148 ± 9 Ma with an initial 87Sr/86Sr ratio of 0·7060 ± 0·0006 (MSWD = 0·1). Granites of subgroup III are moderately to highly evolved (SiO2 = 72·5-77·9%) and the silica-rich compositions are marked by enrichment in Y, Nb, Rb and depletion in Ba and Sr. Rb-Sr whole-rock isochron ages for individual plutons vary from 138 ± 1 to 136 ± 1 and corresponding initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios are 0·7080 ± 0·0002 (MSWD = 1·2) and 0·7092 ± 0·0006 (MSWD = 0·4). Granites of the Lamma Suite and coarse-grained granites of LRS subgroup I are interpreted as synorogenic I-types, whereas those of LRS subgroups II and III are interpreted as late-orogenic to postorogenic, fractionated I-types. Fineto medium-grained granites of LRS subgroup I have distinctive A-type affinities and together with their association with quartz syenite indicate a transition from compressional to tensional tectonics.



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Geochemistry and Rb-Sr geochronology of Mesozoic granites from Hong Kong

  • R. J. Sewell (a1), D. P. F. Darbyshire (a2), R. L. Langford (a3) and P. J. Strange (a4)


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