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Injury Patterns and Outcomes of Victims After the 2016 Jiangsu Tornado in China: A Retrospective Analysis of Injuries Treated at a Teaching Hospital

  • Gen hua Mu (a1), Xing Li (a1), Shan shan Hou (a2), Zhong qian Lu (a1) and Yi jun Deng (a1)...



The aim of this study is to characterize the injury profiles and outcomes of victims of a tornado in Jiangsu Province, China.


This study retrospectively investigated the clinical records of 144 patients treated at a teaching hospital due to a tornado. Each patient’s demographic data, diagnosis, injury types, causes of injury, infection status, and outcomes were all reviewed.


Of the 144 patients, 64 (44.4%) were male, and 80 (55.6%) were female. The patients’ ages ranged from 2 months to 94 years; 91 (63.19%) were admitted within the first 12 h after the disaster. The most frequently injured sites were the body surfaces (24.48%), followed by the limbs and pelvis (21.79%) and chest (20.3%). Soft-tissue injuries and fractures were the most frequent injuries. Traumatic brain injuries were the main causes of death. Tornado-related injuries were primarily caused by flying/falling bricks, wood, and glass. Twenty-three (15.9%) patients suffered from infections, which consisted mainly of skin/soft tissue infections and pneumonia.


Destructive tornadoes often cause heavy casualties with little warning. Medical aid agencies must be prepared to accommodate the massive numbers of injured patients after a catastrophe. Proper triage and prompt treatment of injured victims may decrease mortality. (Disaster Med Public Health Preparedness. 2019;xx:xxx-xxx).


Corresponding author

Correspondence and reprint requests to Yi jun Deng, Emergency and critical care center, Yancheng City No.1 People’s Hospital, No. 66 Renmin South Road, Yancheng 224005, China (e-mail:


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