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Pacifism: A Note

  • Rodger Beehler (a1)


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1 Pacifism: A Philosophical Analysis”, first printed in Ethics, Vol. 75 (1965) pp. 259–71. Reprinted in R. A. Wasserstrom (ed.) War and Morality (Wadsworth: 1970) and (in a slightly altered form) in Rachels, James (ed.) Moral Problems (Harper and Row: 1971). My page references are to the Rachels volume.

2 Is there a ‘standard concept (or concepts)’ of rights in our community? (Narveson is concerned to expose a moral confusion so it cannot be any legal concept he has in mind.) I want only to ask whether there is in our community a ‘standard’ concept or concepts of what a person has a rightto. Is there moral agreement in our community as to what a personis morally entitled to? Narveson assumes or implies that there is. It remains to be shown that there is.

Pacifism: A Note

  • Rodger Beehler (a1)


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