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Curvature and the c-projective mobility of Kähler metrics with hamiltonian 2-forms


The mobility of a Kähler metric is the dimension of the space of metrics with which it is c-projectively equivalent. The mobility is at least two if and only if the Kähler metric admits a nontrivial hamiltonian 2-form. After summarizing this relationship, we present necessary conditions for a Kähler metric to have mobility at least three: its curvature must have nontrivial nullity at every point. Using the local classification of Kähler metrics with hamiltonian 2-forms, we describe explicitly the Kähler metrics with mobility at least three and hence show that the nullity condition on the curvature is also sufficient, up to some degenerate exceptions. In an appendix, we explain how the classification may be related, generically, to the holonomy of a complex cone metric.



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Curvature and the c-projective mobility of Kähler metrics with hamiltonian 2-forms


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