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Characters of equivariant ${\mathcal{D}}$ -modules on spaces of matrices

  • Claudiu Raicu (a1) (a2)


We compute the characters of the simple $\text{GL}$ -equivariant holonomic ${\mathcal{D}}$ -modules on the vector spaces of general, symmetric, and skew-symmetric matrices. We realize some of these ${\mathcal{D}}$ -modules explicitly as subquotients in the pole order filtration associated to the $\text{determinant}/\text{Pfaffian}$ of a generic matrix, and others as local cohomology modules. We give a direct proof of a conjecture of Levasseur in the case of general and skew-symmetric matrices, and provide counterexamples in the case of symmetric matrices. The character calculations are used in subsequent work with Weyman to describe the ${\mathcal{D}}$ -module composition factors of local cohomology modules with determinantal and Pfaffian support.



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Characters of equivariant ${\mathcal{D}}$ -modules on spaces of matrices

  • Claudiu Raicu (a1) (a2)


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