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Remapping-Free Adaptive GRP Method for Multi-Fluid Flows I: One Dimensional Euler Equations

  • Jin Qi (a1), Yue Wang (a2) and Jiequan Li (a1)


In this paper, a remapping-free adaptive GRP method for one dimensional (1-D) compressible flows is developed. Based on the framework of finite volume method, the 1-D Euler equations are discretized on moving volumes and the resulting numerical fluxes are computed directly by the GRP method. Thus the remapping process in the earlier adaptive GRP algorithm [17,18] is omitted. By adopting a flexible moving mesh strategy, this method could be applied for multi-fluid problems. The interface of two fluids will be kept at the node of computational grids and the GRP solver is extended at the material interfaces of multi-fluid flows accordingly. Some typical numerical tests show competitive performances of the new method, especially for contact discontinuities of one fluid cases and the material interface tracking of multi-fluid cases.


Corresponding author



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Remapping-Free Adaptive GRP Method for Multi-Fluid Flows I: One Dimensional Euler Equations

  • Jin Qi (a1), Yue Wang (a2) and Jiequan Li (a1)


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