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A Finite Volume Upwind-Biased Centred Scheme for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws: Application to Shallow Water Equations

  • Guglielmo Stecca (a1), Annunziato Siviglia (a1) and Eleuterio F. Toro (a2)


We construct a new first-order central-upwind numerical method for solving systems of hyperbolic equations in conservative form. It applies in multidimensional structured and unstructured meshes. The proposed method is an extension of the UFORCE method developed by Stecca, Siviglia and Toro, in which the upwind bias for the modification of the staggered mesh is evaluated taking into account the smallest and largest wave of the entire Riemann fan. The proposed first-order method is shown to be identical to the Godunov upwind method in applications to a 2 x 2 linear hyperbolic system. The method is then extended to non-linear systems and its performance is assessed by solving the two-dimensional inviscid shallow water equations. Extension to second-order accuracy is carried out using an ADER-WENO approach in the finite volume framework on unstructured meshes. Finally, numerical comparison with current competing numerical methods enables us to identify the salient features of the proposed method.


Corresponding author


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