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An Implicit Unified Gas Kinetic Scheme for Radiative Transfer with Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Diffusive Limits

  • Wenjun Sun (a1), Song Jiang (a1) and Kun Xu (a2)


This paper is about the construction of a unified gas-kinetic scheme (UGKS) for a coupled system of radiative transport and material heat conduction with different diffusive limits. Different from the previous approach, instead of including absorption/emission only, the current method takes both scattering and absorption/emission mechanism into account in the radiative transport process. As a result, two asymptotic limiting solutions will appear in the diffusive regime. In the strong absorption/emission case, an equilibrium diffusion limit is obtained, where the system is mainly driven by a nonlinear diffusion equation for the equilibrium radiation and material temperature. However, in the strong scattering case, a non-equilibrium limit can be obtained, where coupled nonlinear diffusion system with different radiation and material temperature is obtained. In addition to including the scattering term in the transport equation, an implicit UGKS (IUGKS) will be developed in this paper as well. In the IUGKS, the numerical flux for the radiation intensity is constructed implicitly. Therefore, the conventional CFL constraint for the time step is released. With the use of a large time step for the radiative transport, it becomes possible to couple the IUGKS with the gas dynamic equations to develop an efficient numerical method for radiative hydrodynamics. The IUGKS is a valid method for all radiative transfer regimes. A few numerical examples will be presented to validate the current implicit method for both optical thin to optical thick cases.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (W. Sun), (S. Jiang), (K. Xu)


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