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Towards the Kohayakawa–Kreuter conjecture on asymmetric Ramsey properties

  • Frank Mousset (a1), Rajko Nenadov (a2) and Wojciech Samotij (a1)


For fixed graphs F1,…,Fr, we prove an upper bound on the threshold function for the property that G(n, p) → (F1,…,Fr). This establishes the 1-statement of a conjecture of Kohayakawa and Kreuter.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. Email:


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Research supported in part by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) grants 1147/14 (FM and WS) and 1028/16 (FM) and ERC Starting Grant 633509 (FM).

A first draft of this paper was produced at the workshop of the research group of Angelika Steger in Buchboden in July 2018.


Part of the work was done while the second author was visiting Tel Aviv University.



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MSC classification

Towards the Kohayakawa–Kreuter conjecture on asymmetric Ramsey properties

  • Frank Mousset (a1), Rajko Nenadov (a2) and Wojciech Samotij (a1)


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