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Image Partition Regularity of Matrices

  • Neil Hindman (a1) and Imre Leader (a2)


Many of the classical results of Ramsey Theory, including those of Hilbert, Schur, and van der Waerden, are naturally stated as instances of the following problem: given a u × ν matrix A with rational entries, is it true, that whenever the set ℕ of positive integers is finitely coloured, there must exist some x∈ℕν such that all entries of Ax are the same colour? While the theorems cited are all consequences of Rado's theorem, the general problem had remained open. We provide here several solutions for the alternate problem, which asks that x∈ℕν. Based on this, we solve the general problem, giving various equivalent characterizations.



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Image Partition Regularity of Matrices

  • Neil Hindman (a1) and Imre Leader (a2)


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