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Frontal Lobe Epilepsy Presenting as a Psychotic Disorder With Delusions and Hallucinations: A Case Study

  • Bonnie J. Ramsey


Although psychotic symptoms are a recognized manifestation of epilepsy, these are more often associated with seizures of the temporal lobe type. While 10% of children with temporal lobe epilepsy develop a psychotic disorder by adulthood, the literature does not report any cases of psychotic disorders associated with frontal lobe seizures in children. This article presents a unique case of a girl whose frontal lobe seizures were associated with delusional psychotic symptoms. Once her seizure disorder was identified through electroencephalography (EEG) and appropriate anticonvulsant therapy was initiated, her associated psychotic symptoms resolved.



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Frontal Lobe Epilepsy Presenting as a Psychotic Disorder With Delusions and Hallucinations: A Case Study

  • Bonnie J. Ramsey


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