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Synthesis of illite-smectite from smectite at Earth surface temperatures and high pH

  • D. D. Eberl (a1), B. Velde (a2) and T. Mccormick (a3)


It is well known that illite-smectite can form from smectite at elevated temperatures in natural and experimental systems. However, the conversion of smectite to illite-smectite is also found in some natural systems that have never been heated. The present experiments show that illite layers can form from smectite by chemical reaction at 35° and 60°C at high solution pH. The rate of this reaction is accelerated by wetting and drying.



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Synthesis of illite-smectite from smectite at Earth surface temperatures and high pH

  • D. D. Eberl (a1), B. Velde (a2) and T. Mccormick (a3)


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