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Routine identification of aluminium hydroxide polymorphs with the laser Raman microprobe

  • K. A. Rodgers (a1)


The laser Raman microprobe spectrum of gibbsite displays four intense v (OH)- stretching bands at ~3365, 3435, 3525 and 3618 cm-1, bayerite shows three near 3425, 3545 and 3564 cm-1, nordstrandite has three near 3492, 3566 and 3623 cm-1, and doyleite one broad band centred at -3545 cm-1 with sometimes a prominent shoulder near 3615 cm-1. The four polymorphs also possess distinctly different Raman signatures of medium to strong bands in the region 100–1200 cm-1. These differences provide a non-destructive routine determinative procedure by direct microsampling of untreated crystals, fragments, and microcrystalline powders. Sample preparation is minimal. Excessive noise and non-quenchable fluorescence are the principle limitations of the technique.



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Routine identification of aluminium hydroxide polymorphs with the laser Raman microprobe

  • K. A. Rodgers (a1)


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