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Report of the Association Internationale pour l'Etude des Argiles (AIPEA) Nomenclature Committee for 2001: Order, disorder and crystallinity in phyllosilicates and the use of the ‘Crystallinity Index’

  • S. Guggenheim (a1), D. C. Bain (a2), F. Bergaya (a3), M. F. Brigatti (a4), V. A. Drits (a5), D. D. Eberl (a6), M. L. L. Formoso (a7), E. Galán (a8), R. J . Merriman (a9), D. R. Peacor (a10), H. Stanjek (a11) and T. Watanabe (a12)...


The purpose of this report is to describe the appropriate use of indices relating to crystallinity, such as the ‘crystallinity index’, the ‘Hinckley index’, the ‘Kü bler index’, and the ‘Árkai index’. A ‘crystalline’ solid is defined as a solid consisting of atoms, ions, or molecules packed together in a periodic arrangement. A ‘crystallinity index’ is purported to be a measure of crystallinity, although there is uncertainty about what this means (see below). This report discusses briefly the nature of order, disorder and crystallinity in phyllosilicates and discusses why the use of a ‘crystallinity index’ should be avoided. If possible, it is suggested that indices be referred to using the name of the author who originally described the parameter, as in ‘Hinckley index’ or ‘Kübler index’, or in honour of a researcher who investigated the importance of the parameter extensively, as in ‘Árkai index’.


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Report of the Association Internationale pour l'Etude des Argiles (AIPEA) Nomenclature Committee for 2001: Order, disorder and crystallinity in phyllosilicates and the use of the ‘Crystallinity Index’

  • S. Guggenheim (a1), D. C. Bain (a2), F. Bergaya (a3), M. F. Brigatti (a4), V. A. Drits (a5), D. D. Eberl (a6), M. L. L. Formoso (a7), E. Galán (a8), R. J . Merriman (a9), D. R. Peacor (a10), H. Stanjek (a11) and T. Watanabe (a12)...


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