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Recent advances in the science and technology of natural zeolites in Iran

  • Jamshid Behin (a1), Elmira Ghadamnan (a2) and Hossein Kazemian (a3)


Iran has significant deposits of high-purity natural zeolites. Many Iranian scholars conduct scientific research on porous materials, from natural and synthetic zeolites to metal organic framework materials. Iranian zeolite deposits and associated research are reviewed here. Various industrial applications of natural zeolites, from agriculture to animal husbandry to the construction industry and beyond are discussed here.


Corresponding author


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Guest Associate Editor: M. Wdowin

This paper was submitted to the 10th International Conference on the Occurrence, Properties, and Utilization of Natural Zeolites (Krakow, June 2018).



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Recent advances in the science and technology of natural zeolites in Iran

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