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The rapid estimation of the layer charges of 2:1 expanding clays from a single alkylammonium ion expansion

  • A. C. Olis (a1), P. B. Malla (a2) and L. A. Douglas (a3)


An empirical method to estimate rapidly both mean total layer charge and location of charge in smectites and vermiculites is presented, involving exchange with a long-chain alkylammonium ion before and after the Greene-Kelly test. The method utilizes an empirically determined relationship between XRD basal spacings and the mean layer charges calculated from the conventional n-alkylammonium ion-exchange technique using simple linear regression models to describe the relationships for both monolayer-bilayer and bilayer-pseudotrimolecular layer transitions. The method provides a rapid estimation of these charge parameters and facilitates the proper identification of both smectites and vermiculites consistent with the AIPEA criteria for classification based on total layer charge. It is considered superior to conventional methods of differentiation based mainly on expansion and collapse behaviour.



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The rapid estimation of the layer charges of 2:1 expanding clays from a single alkylammonium ion expansion

  • A. C. Olis (a1), P. B. Malla (a2) and L. A. Douglas (a3)


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