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Prediction for swelling deformation of fractal-textured bentonite and its sand mixtures in salt solution

  • Guo-sheng Xiang (a1) (a2), Feng Yu (a1), Yong-fu Xu (a2), Yuan Fang (a1) and Sheng-hua Xie (a1)...


Swelling deformation tests of Kunigel bentonite and its sand mixtures were performed in distilled water and NaCl solution. The salinity of NaCl solution has a significant impact on the swelling properties of bentonite, but not on its surface structure. The surface structure was characterized using the fractal dimension Ds. Based on the fractal dimension, a unique curve of the empe relationship (em is the void ratio of montmorillonite and pe is the effective stress) at full saturation was introduced to express the swelling deformation of bentonite–sand mixtures. In mixtures with a large bentonite content, the swelling deformation always followed the empe relationship. In mixtures with a small bentonite content, when the effective stress reached a threshold, the void ratio of montmorillonite em deviated from the unique empe curve due to the appearance of a sand skeleton. The threshold of vertical pressure for mixtures in different solutions and the maximum swelling strains were estimated using the empe relationship. The good agreement between estimates and experimental data suggest that the empe relationship might be an alternative method for predicting the swelling deformation of bentonite–sand mixtures in salt solution.


Corresponding author


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Associate Editor: Stephan Kaufhold



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