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Gradual H/D substitution in synthetic germanium bearing talcs: a method for infrared band assignment

  • F. Martin (a1), S. Petit (a2), O. Grauby (a3) and M. P. Lavie (a1)


The deuteration technique was used to assign unknown infrared (IR) bands of Ge-bearing talcs. Procedures to achieve partial or complete H/D replacement in synthetic Ge-bearing (Mg, Ni and Co)-talcs have been investigated. From the spectral shift of IR absorption bands in the 4000–300 cm-1 region resulting from the H-D substitution, the IR bands of vibrations of Ge-bearing talcs could be identified and synthetic Ge-bearing talcs showed significantly different IR spectra from those for Si-talcs. After deuteration of synthetic Ge-bearing talcs, the unknown bands were attributed either to hydroxyl groups or to Ge–O vibrations of the clay skeleton, and the spectra were interpreted fully.



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Gradual H/D substitution in synthetic germanium bearing talcs: a method for infrared band assignment

  • F. Martin (a1), S. Petit (a2), O. Grauby (a3) and M. P. Lavie (a1)


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