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Evidence of structural Fe(II) ions in Font-Bouillant kaolinites: a Mössbauer study

  • C. Ruby (a1), Ph. Refait (a1), J.-M. R. Génin (a1), T. Delineau (a2) and J. Yvon (a2)...


Ferric oxides or hydroxides are common minor components of kaolinites. If free, these minerals can be removed by Fe reduction and leaching (Mehra & Jackson, 1960), but Fe3+ ions can substitute for Al3+ ions in the octahedral sites of kaolinite (Weaver et al., 1967; Malden & Meads, 1967). Moreover, Fe2+ ions can also substitute trioctahedrally in place of dioctahedral Al, leading to a local composition of Fe-antigorite (Cuttler, 1980).

The Font-Bouillant quarry (Charentes, France) is the source of disordered kaolinite known as ‘FU7, U-7-10 or FBT’ (Cases et al., 1982, 1986). The samples used in this study were considered in an earlier genetic analysis of the deposit (Delineau, 1994; Delineau et al., 1994) and were analysed previously by X-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared (IR) spectroscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and UV-visible spectroscopy by Delineau et al. (1994) (Table 1).



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Evidence of structural Fe(II) ions in Font-Bouillant kaolinites: a Mössbauer study

  • C. Ruby (a1), Ph. Refait (a1), J.-M. R. Génin (a1), T. Delineau (a2) and J. Yvon (a2)...


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