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Dissolution kinetics of sepiolite from Eskisehir (Turkey) in hydrochloric and nitric acids

  • H. Cetisli (a1) and T. Gedikbey (a1)


Dissolution kinetics of sepiolite from Eskisehir (Turkey) have been investigated at various temperatures and particle sizes using dilute hydrochloric and nitric acids. Dissolution reaction rate constants were calculated and apparent activation energies were dependent on acid concentration. For both acids, apparent activation energy values reached a minimum of ∼11 kcal/mol at an acid concentration of 0·75 M. For the second-order reaction which is independent of the acid concentration, the activation energy was 14·5 kcal/mol for both acids. The reaction rate constants were proportional to the acid concentrations, and inversely proportional to the square-root of the initial particle radii of the sepiolite.



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Dissolution kinetics of sepiolite from Eskisehir (Turkey) in hydrochloric and nitric acids

  • H. Cetisli (a1) and T. Gedikbey (a1)


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