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Competitive adsorption and desorption of glyphosate and phosphate on clay silicates and oxides

  • A. L. Gimsing (a1) and O. K. Borggaard (a1)


Competitive adsorption of glyphosate and phosphate on goethite and gibbsite and on illite, montmorillonite and two kaolinites differing in surface area was evaluated. The results show that glyphosate and phosphate are competing for the adsorption sites, but the degree of competition depends on the adsorbent. On goethite the competition is very much in favour of phosphate, on gibbsite the competition is closer, but still phosphate is favoured, while on illite, montmorillonite and kaolinite the competition is almost equal. The amounts of glyphosate and phosphate, which can be adsorbed also depends on the adsorbent: the oxides adsorb more than the clay silicates. The amount adsorbed on kaolinite was dependent on the specific surface area. Changes in the surface area did not affect the competition between glyphosate and phosphate for adsorption sites. The results indicate that differences among soils of different mineralogical composition regarding the adsorption of glyphosate and phosphate can be expected.


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Competitive adsorption and desorption of glyphosate and phosphate on clay silicates and oxides

  • A. L. Gimsing (a1) and O. K. Borggaard (a1)


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