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A classification of kaolinites by infrared spectroscopy

  • T. W. Parker (a1)


A method is described for plotting and comparing measurements made on kaolinite clays. In this the ratio of the two strongest bands in the OH-stretch region of the spectrum (band maxima at 3695–3700 cm−1 and 3620–3625 cm−1) of an oriented preparation at 45° incidence is plotted against the corresponding ratio from the spectrum of a randomly oriented preparation. Both ratios are affected by the shape of the kaolinite particles and methods for minimizing this are given. The position of a kaolinite upon a plot so prepared gives information on the following points: (a) the type of kaolinite, (b) the degree of crystallinity of the kaolinite, (c) the shape of the kaolinite particles.



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A classification of kaolinites by infrared spectroscopy

  • T. W. Parker (a1)


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