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Authigenic chlorites: problems with chemical analysis and structural formula calculations

  • C. D. Curtis (a1), B. J. Ireland (a1), J. A. Whiteman (a1), R. Mulvaney (a1) and C. K. Whittle (a1)...


Analytical transmission electron microscopy was applied to some authigenic chlorites occurring as grain coatings in sandstones. Compositional variation proved to be relatively slight: all were magnesian chamosites. The coating chlorites were often intimately mixed with extremely fine-grained (0·01–0·2 µm) hematite but analytical ‘contamination’ was avoided because of the very high resolution of both observation (spot location) and analysis. One example of a water-sensitive (‘swelling chlorite’) coating was also studied. This proved to have a very much more variable composition even within a single section. The coating appeared to include both chloritic and vermiculitic components. The effect of this on structural formulae is discussed and a model proposed in which the ‘talc’ layer may be common to both components.



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