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Adsorption studies of hydrogen and ethylene on cation-exchanged bentonite

  • Burcu Erdoğan Alver (a1)


The adsorption of C2H4 and H2 gases by bentonite from the Ünye region, Turkey both as raw (B) and as K+-, Li+-, Ag+- and Mg2+ -exchanged forms, was investigated using automated volumetric equipment and pressures up to 100 kPa at 273 K and 77 K, respectively. X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and specific surface area measurement (BET) methods were employed to characterize the bentonite samples. The C2H4 and H2 gas adsorption capacities of the original and modified forms were in the ranges 1.817–0.201 mmol g−1 and 0.522–0.388 mmol g−1, respectively. The influence of salt modifications on the gas adsorption properties of bentonite is discussed.


Corresponding author


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Adsorption studies of hydrogen and ethylene on cation-exchanged bentonite

  • Burcu Erdoğan Alver (a1)


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