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Again the Bacchae

  • W. B. Sedgwick


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page 7 note 1 Dionysus describes himself as ἠπιώ;τατοσ in 1. 861.

page 8 note 1 I accept Sandys' translation of 292–4. I am not so sure of my Greek as to deny that can possibly mean . I would read ῥαφῆναι in 295, as ἐvεῤῥάφη in 286 implies some further mention of stitching, and the coincidence τρ;αφῆναι: ῥαφῆναι is too striking to be accidental. τραφναι would be an obvious error for a careless scribe.

Again the Bacchae

  • W. B. Sedgwick


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