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Bion I, Lines 25–7

  • Jay Reed (a1)


These important lines have not yet received an adequate discussion. Aphrodite has been told that her beloved Adonis is dying on the mountainside; she rushes to him in grief, letting down her hair and calling for him.



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1 I shall refer to the following editions and discussions of the passage: Ahrens, H. L., Bucolicorum graecorum Theocriti Bionis Moschi reliquiae (Lipsiae, 1855); Buecheler, F., Jahrb. f. cl. Phil. 9 (1863), 106–13; Camerarius, J., Θεοκρ⋯του εἰδ⋯λλια (Haganoae, 1530); Fantuzzi, M., Bionis Smymaei Adonidis Epitaphium (Liverpool, 1985); Gow, A. S. F., Bucolici Graeci (Oxford, 1952); Graefe, C. F., Epistola critica in bucolicos graecos (Petropoli, 1815); Hopkinson, N., A Hellenistic Anthology (Cambridge, 1988); Matthews, R., CR 38 (1988), 217–18 (review of Fantuzzi); Trypanis, C. A., CP 67 (1972), 133–4; Will, E., REG 76 (1963), xix–xx.

2 Graefe, p. 118 suggests ἠρώησε, Matthews, pp. 217f. ἠρώεσκεν, but the use of the middle would be a typically Hellenistic phenomenon; see Gow, A. S. F. and Page, D., Hellenistic Epigrams (Cambridge, 1965), ii.456 on Phaedimus, A.P. 13.22.3.

3 A close parallel for the whole expression is Il. 4.146f. τοῖο⋯ τοι, Mεν⋯λαε, μι⋯νθην αἵματι μηρο⋯ | εὐϕυ⋯ες κν⋯μα⋯ τε ἰδ⋯ σϕυρ⋯ κ⋯λ᾿ ὑπ⋯νερθε.

4 See Estevez, V. A., Maia 33 (1981), 3542.

5 I wish to record my gratitude to Sir Kenneth Dover for looking over a draft of this note.

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Bion I, Lines 25–7

  • Jay Reed (a1)


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