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A New Perspective on Father Charles E. Coughlin

  • Mary Christine Athans (a1)


The number of those who remember hearing the voice of Father Charles E. Coughlin on the radio on Sunday afternoons in the 1930s and 1940s is dwindling. Those who do recall generally respond with adulation or disdain. Coughlin, like his contemporary Franklin D. Roosevelt, was either loved and admired or held in a kind of contempt. In the past, writers reflected on Coughlin chiefly from a political or socio-cultural point of view. My goal in researching “the radio priest,” however, has been to explore the theological roots of the anti-Semitism (more properly anti-Judaism), which became a dominant note in his speeches and writings, particularly in the year 1938 and thereafter.



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5. The Fahey Papers are in the Archives of the Irish Province of the Holy Ghost Congregation, Dublin, Ireland. Approximately 2,700 pages of documents are relevant to this study, including Fahey's “Apologia Pro Vita Mea,” correspondence, notebooks, class notes, papers, clippings, early drafts of books and articles.

6. Letters and papers which were in Coughlin's possession have been destroyed, according to the Reverend Leonard P.Blair, Archivist of the Archdiocese of Detroit (telephone interview, 16 March 1982), and the Reverend Gerald L. Brown, SS (telephone interview, 10 March 1982), who had interviewed Coughlin when writing his master's thesis in 1969.

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