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Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome presenting with steroid-induced bradycardia in a patient with acute rheumatic fever

  • Ali Orgun (a1), Hazım A. Gursu (a1) and Ibrahim I. Cetin (a1)


Steroids are used in the treatment of acute rheumatic fever with moderate-to-severe carditis. Corticosteroids have several cardiovascular side affects that are more common in adults than in children. Corticosteroid-related bradycardia is a rarely seen side effect. Children with bradycardia following oral corticosteroid use are rarely reported previously. We present a child who developed bradycardia after oral corticosteroid treatment and concurrent Wolff–Parkinson–White pattern.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: A. H. Gursu, Associate Professor Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Ankara Child Health and Diseases, Hematology Oncology Training and Research Hospital, University of Health Sciences, 06110 Ankara, Turkey. Tel: +90 505 561 87 99; Fax: +09 312 347 23 30; E-mail:


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