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Surgical ablation of a cardiac rhabdomyoma in an infant with tuberous sclerosis

  • Dagmar Henglein (a1), Nabil-Maurice Guirgis (a1) and Gérard Bloch (a1)


Cardiac rhabdomyoma is a rare tumor. Because of its rate of regression, mainly in the first year of life, conservative therapy is generally suggested when diagnosis occurs in infancy. We report surgical ablation of a rhabdomyoma in a 2-month-old boy in whom the tumor extended into the subaortic outflow tract. The tumor, which had a dual attachment to the aortic and mitral valves, was safely removed without any valvar damage. We suggest immediate surgical intervention for those rhabdomyomas which are life-threatening because of their size, location, or arrhythmogenicity.


Corresponding author

Dr Dagmar Henglein, Hôpital Lariboisière, 6 rue Ambroise Paré, Service de Chirurgie Cardio-vasculaire, 75010 Paris, France. Tel: 33-1-49 95 65 91 (secretary), Tel 31-49 95 84 54 (direct), Fax 33-1-49 95 86 32


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Surgical ablation of a cardiac rhabdomyoma in an infant with tuberous sclerosis

  • Dagmar Henglein (a1), Nabil-Maurice Guirgis (a1) and Gérard Bloch (a1)


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