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Similarities and differences in the exercise performance of patients after a modified Fontan procedure compared to patients with complete transposition following a Senning operation

  • Gernot Buheitel (a1), Michael Hofbeck (a1), Stephan Gerling (a1), Andreas Koch (a1) and Helmut Singer (a1)...



To investigate cardiopulmonary performance in patients after a Fontan procedure, comparing it to patients following a Senning operation.


We studied 21 children, with a mean age of 11.1 years, after a total cavopulmonary anastomosis, comparing them to 13 with complete transposition after a Senning procedure, having a mean age of 11.8 years, and 21 control subjects with a mean age of 11.2 years. All were tested on a bicycle ergospirometer.


Peak consumption of oxygen, maximal work rate, peak oxygen pulse and endexpiratory pressure of carbon dioxide at a work rate of 1.5 Watt/kg were lowest in patients with a modified Fontan procedure, and highest in the control group (p ≤ 0.0278). Production of carbon dioxide, and minute ventilation at a work rate of 1.5 Watt/kg, was highest in the patients after Fontan procedure, and lowest in the healthy subjects (p ≤ 0.0163). Production of carbon dioxide per single breath was lower in those having a Fontan procedure (28.9 ml) than in the two other groups (35.1 ml; p = 0.0243). The tidal volume showed no significant differences between the three groups.


The reaction to exercise was identical qualitatively in both groups of patients, and comparable to the behaviour of patients with chronic heart failure. Quantitatively, the results of the patients following a Senning procedure lay between those of control subjects and those who had undergone a Fontan operation. The only exception was dead space ventilation, where the patients after a Fontan procedure differed from the two other groups because of their increased ventilation-perfusion mismatch.


Corresponding author

PD Dr. G. Buheitel, Abteilung für Kinderkardiologie, Univ. Kinderklinik, Loschgestr. 15 D–91054 Erlangen, Germany. Tel: +49–9131–8533750; Fax: +49–9131–8535987


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Similarities and differences in the exercise performance of patients after a modified Fontan procedure compared to patients with complete transposition following a Senning operation

  • Gernot Buheitel (a1), Michael Hofbeck (a1), Stephan Gerling (a1), Andreas Koch (a1) and Helmut Singer (a1)...


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