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Rare forms of isolation of the subclavian artery: echocardiographic diagnosis and surgical considerations

  • Doff B. McElhinney (a1), Norman H. Silverman (a2), Michael M. Brook (a2), V. Mohan Reddy (a1) and Frank L. Hanley (a1)...


Isolation of the subclavian artery is an unusual anomaly in which the subclavian artery arises not from the aortic arch but from a pulmonary artery via an arterial duct. Such isolation most often occurs with a right aortic arch, and in lesions frequently associated with a right arc, such as tetralogy of Fallot. Since1994, we have undertaken surgery in four young infants with isolated subclavian arteries and unusual associated anomalies, including one with atrioventricular septal defect and common valvar orifice, two with interruption of a left aortic arch and one with interruption of a right aortic arch. In both patients with interrupted left arch, the isolated subclavian artery was diagnosed preperatively by echocardiography. We emphasize the significant issues.


Corresponding author

Doff B. McElhinney, MS


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Rare forms of isolation of the subclavian artery: echocardiographic diagnosis and surgical considerations

  • Doff B. McElhinney (a1), Norman H. Silverman (a2), Michael M. Brook (a2), V. Mohan Reddy (a1) and Frank L. Hanley (a1)...


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