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Neonatal intrapericardial teratomas: clinical and surgical considerations

  • Jerry W. Pratt (a1), Daniel M. Cohen (a1), Khaled H. Mutabagani (a1), J. Terrance Davis (a1) and John J. Wheller (a2)...


Intrapericardial teratomas are rare primary cardiac tumors of infancy and childhood. We describe three neonates with intrapericardial teratomas diagnosed during fetal life and treated after birth. Clinical and anatomic considerations suggest that cardiopulmonary bypass provides for safe tumor dissection and complete excision of the tumor, thereby decreasing the risk of recurrence.


Corresponding author

Daniel M. Cohen, M.D., Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics, H4/370 Clinical Science Center, 600 Highland Avenue, Madison, WI 53792–4108. Tel: (608) 263–1400; Fax: (608) 263–0547; E-mail:


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