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Myotonic dystrophy presenting as atrial flutter in childhood

  • Kenji Suda (a1), Masahiko Matsumura (a1) and Yuji Hayashi (a2)


A 12-year-old boy presented with tachycardia and cardiomegaly. An electrocardiogram showed atrial flutter with a ventricular rate of 170 beats/min. The echocardiogram showed left ventricular dilation, with decreased contractility. Electromyography confirmed the diagnosis of myotonic dystrophy. The atrial flutter was converted to sinus rhythm by electroversion, leading to restoration of normal cardiac function. Our case illustrates that atrial flutter can be an early sign of the cardiac complications of myotonic dystrophy in childhood.


Corresponding author

Correspondence to: Kenji Suda MD, Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Department of Pediatrics, Tenri Hospital, 200 Mishima-cho, Tenri City, 632-8552, Japan. Tel: +81 743 63 5611; Fax: +81 743 62 5576; E-mail:


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