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Left atrial mass due to cancica endomyocarditis in a newborn

  • Filiz Şenocak (a1), Ayşegül Akçayöz (a1) and Süheyla Özkutlu (a1)


We describe a case of Candida endomyocarditis in a neonate not diagnosed until autopsy. Echocardiography had demonstrated a left atrial mass. Since cardiac candidiasis seems to be occuring with greater frequency in neonatal intensive care units, echocardiography and blood cultures should be done to exclude this previously rare event.


Corresponding author

Filiz Şenocak, Kehribar Sokak9/46, 06700Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey. Tel: 90-312-4393553; Fax: 90-312-4672002.


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Left atrial mass due to cancica endomyocarditis in a newborn

  • Filiz Şenocak (a1), Ayşegül Akçayöz (a1) and Süheyla Özkutlu (a1)


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