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Congenitally palliated scimitar syndrome

  • Massimiliano Cantinotti (a1), Raffaele Giordano (a1) and Isabella Spadoni (a1)


We present a rare case of scimitar syndrome in which the scimitar vessel, collecting all the right pulmonary veins, was stenotic at its junction, with the inferior caval vein and two anomalous vessels, connecting to the same venous collector, draining most of the flow to the left atrium.

We arbitrarily defined this rare anatomical variant as a congenitally palliated scimitar syndrome.


Corresponding author

Correspondence to: R. Giordano, MD, Fondazione G. Monasterio CNR-Regione Toscana, Ospedale del Cuore, via Aurelia Sud, 54100 Massa, Italy. Tel: +39 3297099540; Fax: +39 0585493616; E-mail:


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Congenitally palliated scimitar syndrome

  • Massimiliano Cantinotti (a1), Raffaele Giordano (a1) and Isabella Spadoni (a1)


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