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A 10-year single-centre experience in percutaneous interventions for multi-stage treatment of hypoplastic left heart syndrome

  • Tomasz Moszura (a1), Pawel Dryzek (a1), Sebastian Goreczny (a1), Anna Mazurek-Kula (a1), Jacek J. Moll (a2), Andrzej Sysa (a1), Waldemar Bobkowski (a3), Jadwiga A. Moll (a1) and Shakeel A. Qureshi (a4)...



The purpose of this paper is to report our 10 years of experience of interventional treatment of patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and to focus on the frequency, type, and results of percutaneous interventions during all the stages of palliation, considering the different techniques, devices, and complications.


Constant progress in surgical treatment of congenital heart defects in the last decade has significantly improved the prognosis for children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. However, morbidity and mortality remain relatively high. Modern interventional procedures complement or occasionally replace surgical treatment.


Between January, 2001 and December, 2010, 161 percutaneous interventions were performed in 88 patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Patients were divided into four groups: (a) before the first surgical treatment including hybrid approach, (b) after first-stage Norwood operation, (c) after second-stage bidirectional Glenn operation, and (d) after third-stage Fontan operation.


Percutaneous interventions resulted in statistically significant changes in pulmonary artery pressures, vessel diameters, and O2 saturation. Complications occurred in 4.3% of interventions and were related mainly to stent implantation in stenosed pulmonary arteries.


Percutaneous interventions may result in haemodynamic stability and reduction in the number of operations. They may result in significant changes in pulmonary artery pressures, vessel diameters, O2 saturation, with a low rate of complications, which are mainly related to stent implantation in the pulmonary arteries.


Corresponding author

Correspondence to: Dr S. Goreczny, MD, Department of Cardiology, Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital, Research Institute, Rzgowska 281/289, 93347 Lodz, Poland. Tel: (+48) 422712184; Fax: (+48) 422711478; E-mail:


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A 10-year single-centre experience in percutaneous interventions for multi-stage treatment of hypoplastic left heart syndrome

  • Tomasz Moszura (a1), Pawel Dryzek (a1), Sebastian Goreczny (a1), Anna Mazurek-Kula (a1), Jacek J. Moll (a2), Andrzej Sysa (a1), Waldemar Bobkowski (a3), Jadwiga A. Moll (a1) and Shakeel A. Qureshi (a4)...


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