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Editorial board

Jie Xiao (Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Riemannian Geometry) Memorial University, Canada

Xiaoqiang Zhao (Nonlinear Differential Equations, Applied Dynamical Systems, Maths Biology) Memorial University, Canada

Associate Editor

Fabrizio Andreatta (Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Number theory) Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Jason Bell (Algebra) University of Waterloo, Canada

Hans Boden (Geometric Topology, Gauge Theory, Low-dimensional Topology) McMaster University, Canada

Kathrin Bringmann (Number Theory), University of Cologne, Germany

Alexander Brudnyi (Multidimensional Complex Analysis) University of Calgary, Canada

Krzysztof Burdzy (Probability) University of Washington, USA

Guillaume Chapuy (Combinaorics, Probability) Université Paris Diderot, France

Ilijas Farah (Set Theory, Operator Algebras, Model Theory) York University, Canada

Ailana Fraser (Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis) University of British Columbia, Canada

Alexander Furman (Ergodic Theory, Lie Groups) University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Wee Teck Gan (Number Theory, Automorphic Forms, Representation Theory) National University of Singapore, Singapore

Philippe Gille (Algebraic Groups, Non-commutative Algebra) CNRS & Université Claude Bernard, France

Vojkan Jaksic (Mathematical Physics) McGill University, Canada

Lisa Jeffrey (Symplectic Geometry, Mathematical Physics) University of Toronto, Canada

Erwin Lutwak (Convex Geometric Analysis), Courant Institute, United States

Javad Mashreghi (Function Spaces, Operator Theory, Harmonic Analysis) Université Laval, Canada

Marco Merkli (Mathematical Physics, Quantum Theory, Open Quantum Systems) Memorial University, Canada

Nilima Nigam (Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, Integral Equations) Simon Fraser University, Canada

Malabika Pramanik (Harmonic Analysis, Complex Variables, Partial Differential Equations) University of British Columbia, Canada

Alistair Savage (Algebra, Representation Theory) University of Ottawa, Canada

Daniel Wise (Geometric Group Theory) McGill University, Canada

Jianhong Wu (Applied Mathematics), York University, Canada