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PBW Bases and Marginally Large Tableaux in Types B and C

  • Jackson A. Criswell (a1), Ben Salisbury (a1) and Peter Tingley (a2)


We explicitly describe the isomorphism between two combinatorial realizations of Kashiwara’s infinity crystal in types B and C. The first realization is in terms of marginally large tableaux and the other is in terms of Kostant partitions coming from PBW bases. We also discuss a stack notation for Kostant partitions which simplifies that realization.



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B.S. was partially supported by Simons Foundation grant #429950. P.T. was partially supported by NSF grant DMS-1265555.



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PBW Bases and Marginally Large Tableaux in Types B and C

  • Jackson A. Criswell (a1), Ben Salisbury (a1) and Peter Tingley (a2)


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