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Convex Functions on Discrete Time Domains

  • Ferhan M. Atıcı (a1) and Hatice Yaldız (a2)


In this paper, we introduce the definition of a convex real valued function $f$ defined on the set of integers, $\mathbb{Z}$ . We prove that $f$ is convex on $\mathbb{Z}$ if and only if ${{\Delta }^{2}}f\,\ge \,0$ on $\mathbb{Z}$ . As a first application of this new concept, we state and prove discrete Hermite–Hadamard inequality using the basics of discrete calculus (i.e., the calculus on $\mathbb{Z}$ ). Second, we state and prove the discrete fractional Hermite–Hadamard inequality using the basics of discrete fractional calculus. We close the paper by defining the convexity of a real valued function on any time scale.



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Convex Functions on Discrete Time Domains

  • Ferhan M. Atıcı (a1) and Hatice Yaldız (a2)


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