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Annual Society Prize Winners
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CNSF 2020 Society Prize Winners

Even though our 2020 Congress has been cancelled, we are pleased to acknowledge the winners of the 2020 Society Prizes - Congratulations !

There will be a spot reserved for these presentations at the 2021 Congress

CNS - André Barbeau Prize awarded to David Pellerin

Title: A Novel Recessive TNNT1 Congenital Core-Rod Myopathy in French Canadians

CNS - Francis McNaughton Prize awarded to Houssein Salem Abdou

Title: Identification of predictors of response to Erenumab in episodic and chronic migraine in a cohort of patients: a preliminary analysis

CNSS - K.G. McKenzie – Basic Neuroscience Research Prize awarded to Albert Isaacs

Title: Activated gene pathways in post-infectious hydrocephalus (PIH): Proteogenomics and PIH expressome.

CNSS - K.G. McKenzie – Clinical Neuroscience Research Prize awarded to Mark MacLean

Title: Does gender equality exist in the surgical management of degenerative lumbar disease?

CSCN - Herbert Jasper Prize awarded to Ana Suller Marti

Title: Vagus Nerve Stimulation in patients with therapy resistant generalized epilepsy.

CACN - President's Prize awarded to Aris Hadjinicolaou

Title: Nutrition in the first two weeks of life, neonatal brain growth and cognitive outcomes in children born very preterm

Supplementary Prize Winners

CNS - Encephalitis Foundation Prize awarded to Adrian Budhram

Title: Use of diffusion-weighted imaging to distinguish seizure-related change from limbic encephalitis

CNSS - K.G. McKenzie – Basic Neuroscience Research – 2nd Place awarded to Michelle Kameda-Smith

Title: Musashi-1 is a master regulator of aberrant translation in Group 3 medulloblastoma.

CNSS - K.G. McKenzie – Clinical Neuroscience Research – 2nd Place awarded to Jonathon Chainey

Title: Action-related fixation in microsuturing, a new gaze behaviour metric to differentiate the level of expertise.

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